Camping In The Raven’s Yard 2001-2014

Glenn Gap Citico

Citico Creek Wilderness

Slickrock/Joyce Kilmer Wilderness

Cohutta/Big Frog Wilderness

Mt Rogers Backcountry

Bald River/Upper Bald River Wilderness

Brushy Ridge Backcountry

Pisgah Upper Creek

Tipi Ridge In Watauga County NC


It’s a place where we go to be with Nature and it’s easy to find if you have a tent or want to live in the forest.  It can happen inside a Tipi or a Yurt, out in the open with a bedroll or swinging in a hammock.  But for me it mostly happens nowadays inside a tent and especially inside a tent during an all-night rainstorm.


This blog is about backpacking and camping, hiking and living outdoors.  It’s about the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee, and it’s about winter and rivers, clean creeks and long trails.  Everything in this blog can be found in the above Trip and Gear menus.

My name is Tipi Walter and this is my backpacking blog.  It is under construction as I slowly upload my trip reports and gear stuff.  Right now, Trips 1-9, 89, 105, 106, 129 and 130 are finished.  If you want to see all of my trips on another website, check out:

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And I am arranging my photos here:

Tipi Walter In The Snow

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