2001 Trip 1

Trip 1 November 2001


November 12-13-14-15  2001

Highlights of the Trip:

  • The First Trip
  • The Hemlock Grove Camp


  • North Fork
  • #7 Camp
  • Fodderstack
  • Hemlock Grove Camp
  • North Fork
  • #7 Camp
  • North Fork

The Most Beautiful Place In The World

Herein begins my first backpacking trip into the Citico/Slickrock Wilderness which is located in east Tennessee and western North Carolina. These trips will include portions of the Benton MacKaye trail as it travels thru parts of the Cherokee National Forest and the Nantahala National Forest.

DAY ONE    I park at Warden’s Field car camping area which is located along the Citico Creek and walk up the North Fork trail of the Citico creek about 2.5 miles to an excellent campsite on the left and put up the tent.

North Fork Citico Creek In November

DAY TWO    I pack up the gear and walk up the steep last section of the North Fork to Cherry Log Gap and turn left onto the Fodderstack trail(which is currently the Benton MacKaye trail), and camp at the Hemlock Grove site just above Glenn Gap.

DAY THREE    I return down the way I came and camp on the North Fork at the same spot as on Monday.

DAY FOUR    I walk out on the North Fork trail and drive home.

Hiking Out Of The North Fork Citico


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